Life-sized Chutes & Ladders

I know, that does sound awesome. I was having a planning meeting with my youth a few weeks ahead of our back-to-school party. I don't remember what I said that was misheard, but … [Read More...]

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wholeness line

Project Grace

Explain "mercy" and "grace"... If I'm driving 50 mph in front of your local elementary school, and a cop pulls me over. I ask the cop, "Please give me mercy." If they gave me … [Read More...]


God Always Happens

You probably long for a day when everything falls perfectly into place. No hassles. No fires to put out. No problems with people acting out. No drama. You just go through your day … [Read More...]


dead end

The End of Youth Ministry

OK I know that sounds a little dramatic.  Let me start Micro and move towards Meta.  I also really want your input, so this is a conversation starter.  Here it goes: Well for about two weeks now I have become the acting … [Read More...]