The Death of the UMC Connection

The idea of connection came unto its own during a moment in church history that was contentious and dramatic. As America began to find itself as a representative democracy, its … [Read More...]

asked and answered

I'm on an youth trip, a middle school missions shindig at Camp Lookout, a Holston Conference UMC camp in Rising Fawn, GA. I love going on trips with several other churches, partly … [Read More...]

Resource Guide to Tragedy

Last Friday our world experienced a horrific tragedy against our most innocent by the hands of our own persons. There has been, and will be, plenty of speculation, cries for … [Read More...]


The End of Youth Ministry

The End of Youth Ministry

OK I know that sounds a little dramatic.  Let me start Micro and move towards Meta.  I also really want your input, so this is a conversation starter.  Here it goes: Well for … [Read More...]

Are Methodists Lazy?

just another lazy methodist

We've achieved an unhealthy stereotype. Methodists are lazy. It's easy to be Methodist. You don't have to do anything. Jon Stewart called us the Phoenix University of … [Read More...]