Life-sized Chutes & Ladders

I know, that does sound awesome. I was having a planning meeting with my youth a few weeks ahead of our back-to-school party. I don't remember what I said that was misheard, but … [Read More...]

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PSYM Discounts for YWM Members

Registration is now open for Southern Methodist University's Perkins School of Youth Ministry, January 9-12.  Register by September 30 to get early bird pricing. The place to go … [Read More...]

I quit

How Quitting Saved My Ministry

As of last April, I began having discussions with my Senior Pastor about attending seminary in the fall of 2012.  That gave me over an entire year to do my best to prepare the … [Read More...]

Are Methodists lazy?

just another lazy methodist

We've achieved an unhealthy stereotype. Methodists are lazy. It's easy to be Methodist. You don't have to do anything. Jon Stewart called us the Phoenix University of … [Read More...]


dead end

The End of Youth Ministry

OK I know that sounds a little dramatic.  Let me start Micro and move towards Meta.  I also really want your input, so this is a conversation starter.  Here it goes: Well for about two weeks now I have become the acting … [Read More...]