3 Killer Back to School Icebreakers

3 Killer Back to School IcebreakersStudents are heading back to school which mean’s its time for a new set of themed ice breakers!

1. Making the Grade People Scavenger Hunt:  The goal of this is to be the first student get a “100.”  Each student must go around filling in each of the number questions and writing the name of the person who gave the answer next to each one until they have precisely 100.  They can have more than one student answer for each:


Number of pens in your backpack

Number of Pencils in Your backpack

Number of textbooks

Number of Weekly hours of extracurricular school activities

Number of hours doing homework last week

Number of total teachers

Number of electives

Number of clubs they are planning on joining

2. Would you rather (classroom edition)  The goal here is for a pair or small group of people to discuss these until they have come to agreement on one or are hopelessly divided:

Would you rather…

  • Have a hard class where you learn a lot or a class where you watch disney movies every day?
  • Have a teacher who speaks so softly you almost cannot hear them or always uses ginormous words you have to research to have adequate comprehension
  • Spend an entire class with a bug in your hair you don’t know about or a giant spaghetti stain all over your clothes everyone can see
  • Have everyone in every class know your darkest secret or have no one know you in any class

3. The Best of Times and the Worst of Times:  Use these story questions to help students get to know each other:

  • What is the funniest thing you have ever seen at school?
  • What is the most fun you have ever had in a class?
  • What was the worst class you ever had and why?
  • What was the weirdest thing a teacher ever said to you or a friend?
  • What is the most physical pain you ever experienced at school?

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