3 quick back-to-school reminders

REJ crosswalkHooray, school!

As we return to another school year together, we wanted to offer 3 quick reminders that will ease the months to come:

1. Download your local school calendars.

Most things stay the same, but sometimes things change. Don’t get caught off-guard by a new holiday schedule or snow days padding a president’s birthday. Sports schedules are a good grab too – if you plan in advance which events you want to attend to support your youth, you can avoid feeling dragged along by your schedule as the year progresses.

2. Take a look at your church’s calendar.

Knowing when special services are – and not just the ones associated with the seasons of the church year – can help you avoid creating conflicting activities for the youth program. If your church hasn’t planned out things like a stewardship Sunday or when confirmation or graduate Sunday will be, ask them to! You’ll sound super organized and avoid potential grief over an activity or retreat needing to be bumped at the last minute. And pastors love it when you communicate. Really.

3. Find your time.

We harp about this a bit, but your self-care is really, really important. Go ahead and put days off on the calendar so you don’t end up burning vacation the last week of the year (unless that’s when you want to take it). If nothing else, being able to look ahead to a day off is life-giving. Drop a comp day on the calendar after overnight events. Plan a day a month away from the office. Take care of you.


Photo courtesy of Jennifer Flora

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