3 Scavenger Hunt Ideas You can Use This Sunday

There’s nothing quite as fun as an old-fashioned scavenger hunt.  Ok, there’s a lot of things that fun, but it is a great way to have a good time and build relationships.  Here’s a couple of our favorites:

1. Bible Scavenger Hunt – This scavenger hunt uses Bible verses as clues.  Since these references are going to be more broad, its Portrait of a young man looking through a binocular. Theme: educbest to use this one in a confined area like your church property to helps students limit the options for where to go.  This can be sped easy to do with all the online tools for searching the Bible.  Simply find a place in your church that is unique and search to see if there is a scripture reference.  Hide clues in order at the locations you choose.  Remember to make sure and list the version!  Here’s a couple to get you started:

  • Baptismal (Matthew 3:11 NIV)
  • Kitchen (Ezekiel46:24 NIV)
  • Portico (1 Kings 6:3 NIV)
  • Stairs (Genesis 28:12)

2. Claustrophobic Photo Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of tight spaces (Cabinets, under beds, trunk, etc.) and print them out.  Divide students into groups and tell them they have to put as many members in the areas as possible.  One picture per location will be accepted and they get 100,000 points per person’s face who can be seen to be fitting inside the space at the same time.

3. Selfie Scavenger Hunt – This list should contain lists of specific people (Senior Pastor, Mayor, etc.) and professions (check-out person, police officer, etc.) Assign points to the different people on the list based on how hard you think it will be for people to take a picture with them.  Make sure to contact the specific people you have on the list to ok the idea.  The last thing you want to do is interrupt your pastor’s date night with fifteen kids wanting to take a selfie.

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