3 Websites That are Helping Me Feel Human in Youth Ministry

Websites That Help In Youth Ministry3 websites that are helping me feel human in youth ministry
#1: theworkofthepeople.com.  Their videos are beautiful and, though they are not necessarily intended for youth ministry, the subject matter is inspiring, intelligent, and worth sharing.  They interview people like NT Wright, Shane Claiborne, Barbara Brown Taylor, Peter Rollins, Brian McLaren, and more. They have stills, loops, and prayers for liturgy.  Sometimes I pull up TWOTP just to be inspired to work the rest of the day.  They have series to go along with great books, one of which we are finishing up called On Our Way. This book, I believe is intended for twenty-somethings, so I have thoroughly enjoyed it while adapting it for the senior high students I am teaching.  It’s really down-to-earth and SO helpful!  It deals with creation care, friendships/intimacy (brilliant and beautiful chapter by Stephanie Paulsell!), making a good living, peacekeeping and non-violence, community, living in the presence of God, etc.  It’s real.

#2: printstagr.am. If you use Instagram to share what’s going on in your ministry, you can simply connect your account through this website and print your instagram photos.  It looks really great when you print them and put them around the youth area (if you have one) or your office or send them to a kid in the mail.  They are nice prints and they have lots of options.  It’s a great way to show the youth you love them in a cool-looking, nicely-printed-photo kind of way.
#3: youtube.com.  You have probably never heard of this website before, but youtube is a video sharing website.  They have so many videos uploaded by whomever wants to upload them!  It’s really groundbreaking.  You should check it out.  It’s kind of a big deal.

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