6 Easy Prep Youth Ministry Games for the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII


TV screens are ready to go…check.

The pizza has been ordered…check.

The boys know to bring soda, chips and dips, the girls know to bring desserts, cups and paper plates…check.

Now let’s plan the entertainment for the big youth group party this weekend.  Here are six tried-and-true games to have on hand this Sunday night so you can keep football and non-football fans entertained alike.

1. The GRID.

Supplies: poster board, pens, prizes

This is really a Super Bowl party standard.  On posterboard, make a 10×10 grid of squares….or just print it out on large paper.  As your guests arrive, have each guest sign their name in a square (or 2+ squares, depending on how many guests arrive.)  Before the game kicks off, randomly draw numbers 0-9 to assign to the rows for the NFC team -this year that’s the Seahawks- and do the same for the columns for the AFC team (Broncos).  Keeping it random prevents the football savvy from selecting the coveted 0’s, 3’s, 7’s, etc.  At the end of each quarter or the end of the game, take the last digits of the score.  Let’s say it’s 14-7 Broncos over Seahawks…Where the last digits 4 & 7 meet on the grid, you have your winner!

2. Super Bowl Trivia

Supplies: copies of the Trivia game, pens/pencils, prizes

Every youth group will have a mix of football fans and non-football fans.  Here’s an updated 2014 Super Bowl trivia from the awesome folks at The Source for Youth Ministry that will work for both.  This is updated for this year so you don’t have to do the research yourself…how easy is that?  Whoever gets the most right answers wins, and you’ll have to have someone pay attention to the game for a few of the answers.

(Note: I inadvertently left off the source for the trivia game idea in our original post – if you haven’t checked out The Source for Youth Ministry, you should!  They have great ideas and a lot of free resources for youth workers.  -Erin)


3. Big Game Bingo

Supplies: printed cards, prizes, attention span

This party extra from our friends over at Youthworker Circuit provides an ongoing interactive element for your gathering. Multiple cards keep everyone from hitting bingo at the same moment while simultaneously raising the chance that someone will hit bingo before the night is over. As always, this is an exhibition, not a competition–please, no wagering. Grab the cards here.

4. Pass the Football

Supplies: Football, prizes

Think of a magic word – let’s say “Football” or “Touchdown.”  Whenever the word is said during the game or the commercials, you have to pass the football to the person on your right.  Whoever has the football at the end of a predetermined time (half-time, two-minute warning, the first commercial with a talking animal, first person to lip sync, etc.) wins a prize.

5. Make your own commercial.

Supplies: creative youth, phones or something else that can record videos, a computer/adapter to play the videos for all to see

Did you know that the most expensive commercial spot for this year’s game cost $4 million dollars?  That’s not including the price of producing the commercial itself.  Your creative youth could come up with a great commercial on a much smaller budget.  Challenge your youth to break into teams and produce their own 30 second commercials.  Perhaps Following Jesus is the product.  (Bonus: if you do this activity, send us a link!  We’d love to share it.)

6. Fourth Quarter Football Game

Supplies: Football

Not every Super Bowl is still interesting by the Fourth Quarter.  If you find that your group has lost interest in the big game on the big screen, play a quick pick up game of touch football.  The game is more interesting and competitive with fun variations like boys vs. girls, everyone has to walk like a crab, some players are blindfolded and so on.

After a quick game, jump into a short sports themed devotional on sportsmanship, the pursuit of perfection, teamwork or being champions for Christ.  I found a big football game themed devotional at Creative Youth Ideas, but we would love for you to share what you have.


Ready for a Super Fun Party…check.


Do you have a youth group game watching party?

What other football game party plans do you have?

What does your group do to make this event about Christian fellowship?





  1. The GRID is a fun game for both teens and adults. I like how you randomized the numbers – definitely keeps it fair for everyone.

  2. Hi I loved all of ur games and will implement it my own youth u guys have real good ideas thank you for helping the youth the way u do

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