Lenten Devo – New life in the desert


Have you ever found yourself in a desert? A barren place with no real sign of life, where every drop of moisture from your body seems to be sucked out leaving you forsaken, frail, and futile.  I am not talking about a real desert, though I have been to one of those. I am talking about the desert wildernesses of life, where life seems to be sucked out faster than you can recover. Where you thirst for water, but can find none. Where you cry out but no one seems to hear, and you wonder how you ended up in the middle of nowhere alone.

David (before he became king) found himself  in the desert of Judah, fleeing for his life from King Saul. Yet while in the desert, David trusts in God, seeks God and even (get this) praises God! While David is in the desert, God leads him to an Oasis at Ein-Gedi, where David and his men, find water and life springing up from the dry ground.  Here in God’s presence they are renewed with living water. Psalm 63 reminds me that the things I think are important, are nowhere near as important as God’s love. God’s love brings new life, even in the desert.

Getting lost in the desert happens so easily, at first you venture in just a bit and it’s a little drier, but no big deal, you can handle it. As you are standing there you notice something shiny in the distance on the horizon, so you begin moving towards it. Before you know it you have wandered so far in, you don’t know how you got there, or how to get out. It’s usually at this point, that I freak out a bit, because if feel; forsaken (no one can help me, I am all alone); frail (I am going to break); futile (what good can come from me). Then it happens, I break down, literally, I fall on my knees, sob and ask God to help. In that moment, something happens, God begins to work anew in my life. Through the power of God’s grace, God makes us and is making us new each day.

Maybe you find yourself in a desert today. Remember, you are not alone, God is with you and is working to make you new again. God offers you living water, drink deeply and be renewed. 

Gungor – Beautiful Things

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