“A Faith of Their Own” Sociologists Melinda Denton and Lisa Pearce

Sociologist of Youth Ministry - Lisa Pearce

Sociologist of Youth Ministry - Melinda Denton



Our own Amy Valdez Barker had the opportunity to sit down with sociologists of youth ministry, Lisa Pearce and Melinda Denton, to discuss their recent youth ministry findings.  You might recognize Denton and Pearce’s names from the books “Soul Searching”,”Souls in Transition”, and now “A Faith of Their Own.”

During the interview, Pearce and Denton share their journeys into becoming sociologists of youth ministry in particular.  They discuss the latest trends in youth theology.

What are your thoughts?  Where does “moral therapeutic deism” fit into the theology of your own youth group?







Amy Valdez Barker is a long time youth minister from the North Georgia Conference. She is currently a PhD student at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary working with the Vital Congregations Project.

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