A Practical Guide to Use with “Book, Bath, Table and Time” by Fred P. Edie



ISBN/Prod. Code: 978-0-8298-1853-6
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A guide to Book, Bath, Table, and Time: Christian Worship as Source and Resource for Youth Ministry by Fred P. Edie (The Pilgrim Press, 2007).

“Finally a resource that helps us to connect to ‘The Source!’ Not only should every youthworker read this, they should implement the ideas carefully and prayerfully. Get ready to be transformed by the Spirit because the Kingdom has come very close in Holy Things for Youth Ministry.” – Charles W. Harrison, CEO, YouthworkerMovement.org

“Into a world where youth ministry curriculum rarely delves deeply into sacramental experiences comes Holy Things for Youth Ministry. It appropriately challenges and requires both the leader and participants to bathe in God’s presence and calls them to be changed.” – Dietrich Kirk, the Center for Youth Ministry Training and YMtoday.com

Holy Things for Youth Ministry is a youth curriculum containing 13 sessions written by individuals who have extensive experience in youth ministry. This approach is based on the research and practices of the Duke Youth Academy for Christian Formation – led by visionary Fred P. Edie, Ph.D. – as well as elements of Edie’s book. All who minister to youth will find effective ways to transmit Christian faith by actually engaging in it with youth. The well-grounded, step-by-step resource is ideal for any youth event, meeting, or gathering, in a single session for youth groups, or as a Sunday school series. Leaders are given relevant biblical and historical background information, exact activity instructions, specific scriptures, and thoughtful questions to facilitate interaction.

Brian Hardesty-Crouch received his M.Div. from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He is an ordained clergyperson in The United Methodist Church.

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