Are You Ready? for Fall?…

If you are like me today, you are wondering what the heck happened to summer. You went into summer well prepared, pulled off some great ministry logistics and were a part of some wonderful experiences. In your planning you had in your head you were going to do some of the preliminary work for fall over the summer months in the “down time.” That down time apparently never happened because now you are looking at promotion Sundays, parents meetings, youth leader trainings and some registration deadlines.. How did this happen?

Relax.. This happens to us all at some level. We all survive.. Well, most of us.

We put together a bunch of resources that we hope to be helpful for youth workers like yourself at Youthworker Circuit. To help you get ready for fall we are sharing a simple Fall Ministry Checklist that will help you to focus on getting some of those last minute to-do items done to close out the summer & get ready for the fall. And hopefully we can all get past the panic of a new season of ministry that is just days away.

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