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I’m on an youth trip, a middle school missions shindig at Camp Lookout, a Holston Conference UMC camp in Rising Fawn, GA. I love going on trips with several other churches, partly to hear all of the incredible questions asked by kids on trips. You can learn a lot about a leader by the answers given to some of the more asinine questions. Laying in my bunk last night waiting for middle school boys to finish constructing their third attempt at a peep-proof changing fortress out of towels and string, some of the questions I’ve heard over the years began to roll through my mind. The answers below were mostly given out loud.

There are more, certainly. Feel free to add yours in the comments:

Of course you can sign up after the deadline. It’s actually my preference.

No, I didn’t bring a second pillow just in case you needed one.

Yes, youth ends at the same time this week as it does every week.

Yes, I do actually work here. No, this is my job.

No, I don’t love the high school group more than the middle school group.

I don’t think your insurance will cover it, but it is covered by your waiver.

It’s the only van with our church name on the side of it.

A tankini is a two-piece. Because I counted the pieces and got to 2, that’s why.

I don’t know why that hurts. Maybe you should stop doing that.

Of course you can have your own raft.

No, I haven’t seen your (friend/Bible/phone/mom/toothbrush/secret crush/scar).

With my whole heart I would love to get you another blank copy of the trip form.

No, I don’t love the middle school group more than the high school group.

Yes, that will probably stain.

Well, there just aren’t many variations on what I can mean by “lights out.”

No, I can’t think of a single reason why that wouldn’t leave a bruise.

No, that would only be funny until the police arrive.

No, it’s probably best if you both sit up. And if you move over there. While I call your parents.

It says “Bob” on it. Are you Bob? Then it’s probably not your sleeping bag.


And, at the bottom of it all, the great mystery:

Yes. I do love you. More than you or I will ever understand.


What are some of your favorite “answers” you’ve had to give in youth ministry?



  1. Yes, I will tell you what we are doing next. This is not your application process for the Psychic Network.

    Where did you get that (Monster Energy Drink, candy from my desk, cigarette, Dane Cook CD, hammer)?

    Have you called your parents yet? No? Great! Because I love to hang out in dark empty parking lots with random snotty-nosed kids for at least 45 minutes after every event.

    No, I will not ask her/him out for you.

  2. No, I have not seen your shoes from the lock-in that was four months ago.

    Is that a serious prayer concern?

  3. No I will not drive you separately to Taco Bell because you don’t want to eat the food at the mission trip site

    When I said guys stay out of the girls sleeping rooms that included you

    Yes when I had you sign the form saying you agreed to the mission trip expectations that did mean you were expected to follow them and no you are not exempt.

  4. I know it sounds strange, but, yes! We are going to talk about the Bible and God during our time together.

    Yes, actually your MP3 player does count as an “electronic device”, now please put it in the distraction basket and pay attention 🙂

    No, you cannot sit in the corner and do your math homework instead of participating in our Bible discussion.

  5. Sure you can text your teen during the middle of our mission trip worship service to tell him he got a facebook “relationship request” from a girl at the mission trip who lives 1,000 miles away.

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