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Wounded by Diversity

Diversity in Ministry

Isaiah 64:6-9 (CEB) We have all become like the unclean; all our righteous deeds are like a menstrual rag.  All of us wither like a leaf; our sins, like the wind, carry us away.  No one calls on your name; no one bothers to hold on to you, for you have hidden yourself from us, and have handed us over ...

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The Language of Faith

Sociologist of Youth Ministry – Melinda Denton Last month I asked one of the lead researchers from the National Study on Youth and Religion if theology mattered when it came to differentiating between ‘highly-religious’ teens and ‘not-as-religious’ teens.  Melinda Lundquist Denton’s response was: “Theological particularity is somewhat lost at least on this generation (we don’t have data on the adults.)  But, the ...

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