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A Place Prepared – Lenten Devotional

After Moses and Aaron work with God to free the Israelites from Egypt, and God has given the 10 commandments to Moses for the people of Israel, God then gives Moses the task of making the Tabernacle or tent of meeting. Essentially, this portable tent, is God’s place among his people. The 10 commandments are placed in an ark, which ...

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Isaiah, Homer, Percy Jackson and Me

The title of this devotion sounds like the first line of a really bad joke. Let me attempt to connect what may seem like random dots. Let’s start with Homer (not The Simpson’s icon), the ancient Greek Poet. This is the guy who is famous for writing “epic” poems.  His most famous works are the Iliad and the Odyssey, which ...

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Lenten Devo – New life in the desert

Have you ever found yourself in a desert? A barren place with no real sign of life, where every drop of moisture from your body seems to be sucked out leaving you forsaken, frail, and futile.  I am not talking about a real desert, though I have been to one of those. I am talking about the desert wildernesses of ...

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Holy Ground – Lent Devo

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, lent has officially begun. Today we find ourselves standing on holy ground. Wherever you are right this moment you are on holy ground. Let that sink in a second. You might be thinking, there is nothing holy about this place. You are wrong, it is holy because God is holy and God is present in that ...

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Mission activity idea: Hunger Hunt

Hunger is an issue that we can’t always see. Hunger and its effects can be hidden. We were looking for a great way to make a positive impact in your community and have fun with your youth at the same time. Our youth leadership team decided a hunger hunt was just the thing. Imagine a scavenger hunt and service project ...

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Get a Life-sized Clue: big board games

Building A Philosophy Of Sustainable Youthwork

by Eric Pugh Several years ago, while brainstorming with our student leadership team about new fellowship activities, we stumbled upon Life-Sized Clue. Our youth had already done Life-Sized Monopoly (which was a ton of fun to construct the board, but implementation was difficult with a large group of people), and wanted to try something else. After a few suggestions, someone ...

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