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Project Grace

Ice Cream of Grace

Explain “mercy” and “grace”… If I’m driving 50 mph in front of your local elementary school, and a cop pulls me over. I ask the cop, “Please give me mercy.” If they gave me mercy, they would not give me the speeding ticket. Mercy is when you don’t get what you deserve. If I’m driving 50 mph in front of ...

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a christmas (true) story

What’s the best present you’ve ever gotten for Christmas? We had a family tradition. Every year, my parents, 3 sisters and I would get into our Buick station wagon and drive to a local Christmas tree lot. Once there, the doors would fly open and the four of us would each scour the four corners of the lot for what ...

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Can Youth Stop Bullying without Committing Social Suicide?

“If I was to ask everyone at your school, how cool you were, what would they say?”, I posed to my youth. One of my cohorts at, Gavin Richardson, introduced me to the idea of “social currency”, last year. Social currency is the idea that anything our youth do or don’t do, either adds or subtracts to their social status ...

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