Calling All Quitters

Quit Keys Show Exit Resigning Or Give UpThis is more of a call-out than an article.

Last week I announced at my church that as of the end of 2014 I would be resigning my position as director of youth ministries. I’ve never been sure why that’s plural. It’s actually a dual resignation; my spouse Britta is the director of our church’s children’s ministry. It may also be a plural ministry, but we’re not sure. We’ve been in process on this since last December and it’s been a long, long year of processing the realization that it was time for us to go.

I’ll probably write an article about it at some point, but this isn’t that.

I thought the moment we went public at the church I’d be shooting off a series of posts here about the process of leaving and letting go, but our journey simply hasn’t been that simple. It’s possible that when we’ve actually moved out of our offices that I’ll do some of that, but I realized after several false starts at writing in the past week that everything is a little raw at the moment and I don’t know that I can write without being selfish or inflammatory. Or both.

So I’m asking you, other quitters: what were your highs and lows about leaving your last youth ministry position, whether paid or volunteer? Shoot me an email at and we’ll talk it out.



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  1. For me, who has ‘made for the exit’ many times, either by firing or by quitting, it has always been very painful, but has never shaken my faith….well, that’s not quite right: it has often shaken my faith in people, pastors, fellow ministers, and denominational structures. My last ‘firing’ (as a volunteer, just earlier this year) was especially painful, since it came at the hands of some very sick ordained people. All attempts to mitigate the damage to the congregation failed, as did getting any real help at the denominational level. As a clinical counselor with over 30 years of experience, I’m always astounded how pastors, elders, and denominational leaders turn a blind eye to the really sick stuff that goes on and destroys congregations and individual’s faith. Here is a real irony: I have written extensively about pastors with Narcissistic Personality disorder on tow different sites, and the number of how many times the articles have been accessed is in the tens of thousands, so there are SOME folks out there who ‘get it’. Find some good reads at: on the ‘free resources’ page..

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