Captured by a Compelling Narrative Conference – Discount for YWM Members

On October 27-28, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary is hosting the “Captured by a Compelling Narrative: A Christian Story for a New Generation” conference.  This two day event will feature speakers and panelists Diana Butler-Bass, Walter Fluker, Melinda Denton, Mike Slaughter and others.  Please check out the website for more information and to register.

YouthWorker Movement members can attend this conference including lunch at the reduced rate of $99 instead of $150.  To receive this discounted rate, enter code YW2011 during registration.

“I Love to Tell the Story” is a favorite hymn of those who have grown up in the Church.  But what of those who have not? Living in diverse and ever-changing contexts creates unique challenges for Christian leaders.  While the gospel remains powerful and true, the need to repackage the gospel story for each generation is a necessity. New economic, social and cultural realities present unique opportunities for clerical veterans and neophytes.  Accommodating for established traditions must be balanced with reaching emerging cultures.  The Compelling Narrative must reach the Boomers and the Millennials, the Shriner and the hipster.

CAPTURED BY A COMPELLING NARRATIVE: A Christian Story for a New Generation will gather ministers and educators to explore Biblical narratives and their impact on our culture and identity in the United States.  Questions explored include these and more:

  • Is the Exodus model still relevant for the Church in the United States?
  • How has the traditional narrative of the local church been impacted or changed due to our economic, social, and cultural realities?
  • How can church leaders frame the good news to speak across generational and cultural lines in our current context?


“I love to tell the story, ‘twill be my theme in glory,
To tell the old, old story of Jesus and his love”

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