Texas Youth Academy

“Texas Youth Academy is something I think about daily, and not lightly at that. I can truly say that TYA changed my life because of the impact it had on me and my passion for ministry and the Bible. I realized the approaches I’ve taken to ministry and the thoughts I have on theology have been shaped due to my ...

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Getting Parents to Show Up!

Do you have plans for an upcoming Youth and Parents meeting? Do you hope your numbers will be higher in your next meeting? Maybe you have plans that you want to share about upcoming trips, or you want to share about some great new research coming out, but whatever you may want to do, make sure that you are being ...

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The Deception of the Deep-Web

Is The Deep Web the Newest Trend and Should I Care? If you are an active participant in the world wide web, you are participating in approximately 1% of the internet.  This includes Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, ebay, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, etc. For most people, our daily searching, emails, shopping and internet habits are found on the very surface ...

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5 Must-Use Apps for Youth Ministry

written by Audrua Malvaez I have had a cell phone since 2002, when I spent three weeks on the 8th grade cheer team and my parents deemed it a necessary evil. I was so proud of my Nokia brick-of-a-phone that played Snake, had T9 capabilities, and, of course, was For Emergencies Only. Now, my sleek iPhone 6 has over 47 ...

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3 quick back-to-school reminders

Hooray, school! As we return to another school year together, we wanted to offer 3 quick reminders that will ease the months to come: 1. Download your local school calendars. Most things stay the same, but sometimes things change. Don’t get caught off-guard by a new holiday schedule or snow days padding a president’s birthday. Sports schedules are a good ...

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SPARK Youth Ministry Conference January 8-15, 2016 in Dallas, Texas

I am very excited to announce that the Youthworker Movement team in partnership with Southwestern College, The Institute for Discipleship, Be A Disciple, The Center for Youth Ministry Excellence, Youthworker Circuit, CircuitWriter Media LLC, MethoBlog, Duke Divinity School, Kessler Park UMC, and The Foundation For Ministry Excellence; is launching a brand new affordable Youth Ministry Conference in Dallas, Texas which ...

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Where Is Your Pen?

Writing Letters as a Critical Practice to Youth Ministry

A number of years ago I began a practice during Lent to write 5 letters a day. Yes, writing letters.. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. If you want to put some stock into the youth ministry that you oversee then I’d suggest you dust off one of those pens (you know, the freebie ones that you got at the last youth ...

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Building A Philosophy Of Sustainable Youthwork- Part 10

Building A Philosophy Of Sustainable Youthwork

This week ends our summer series on Building A Philosophy Of Sustainable Youthwork.  Our hope is that you can use all 13 principles as you shape ministry over the next school year.  In prior weeks we have focused on the first twelve principles: Youthwork is – Family Based, Congregational, Relational, Discipling, Missional, Evangelistic, Holistic, Bible Based, Experiential, Youth-led, Utilizes Open-ended Discussion ...

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3 quick tips for honoring your high school seniors

It’s April, so it’s barely still not-to-late to think about how you’re sending off your seniors this year. Honestly, this is one of my least favorite youth ministry practices. Youth Sunday/luncheon/slideshow/newsletter/Bibles/gifts/bearhugs is just one of those things that OCD will never let you believe you got right. You forgot somebody. Someone’s invite got lost in the mail and they don’t ...

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