3 numbers to consider before every youth ministry headcount

Building A Philosophy Of Sustainable Youthwork

“How many kids come on Wednesdays?” If the first question someone asks me is about numbers, I’m backing out of the conversation from the first word of my reply. If that question comes from within my church, it saddens me. I once worried about numbers. Not a lot, but the amount usually provoked by people that didn’t know any better ...

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Write for the Youthworker Movement

  Make all of your dreams come true! Or one of them, provided that dinner didn’t sit well and you were tossing and turning all night wishing you could mouth off about your opinions about Wesleyan youth ministry. That dream, my friend, is right around the corner. We are deeply interested in developing Wesleyan voices in youth ministry content. If ...

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Introducing Community and Care Groups for Youth Worker Movement Members

Update:  Want to get involved on the ground floor of transforming youth ministry?  Realizing that you need a supportive network of fellow youthworkers in your corner?   Now is the perfect time to commit to better self-care and better networking in youth ministry.  YWM Community and Care Groups will begin meeting weekly starting next week, January 27, 2014.  Our first ...

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What I Learned at the National Youth Workers Convention

It was a great honor to be a part of The Youthworker Movement’s Seminars at NYWC in Nashville.  I appreciate the partnership with the good folks at Youth Specialties especially my friend Mark Matlock but most importantly Mindi Godfrey who made it possible to live out the vision of allowing us time and space to meet with our general membership.  ...

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The 4 Types of Volunteers and How You Should Manage Them

Erin Jackson Sharing Ideas

Are you a youth director wondering what your volunteers are really thinking?  For over a decade, I was on the church staff member side of the equation…now I love my role as a youth ministry volunteer.  The perspective of a youth director’s primary job is different on this side…whether you realize it or not, the most effective youth directors understand ...

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7 Quick Time Management Tips for a Youth Ministry Professional

This article is the third in a series of quick tips to be more professional in the context of youth ministry.  The series was inspired by a youthworker’s concern raised at a recent youth worker conference – how can we in youth ministry be highly regarded as professionals, as opposed to being seen as just glorified babysitters or “baby pastors” ...

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3 Steps for Creating a Culture of Responsibility

I didn’t set out to be the children’s minister’s nightmare parent, but I became that person and it didn’t have to be that way.  Here is how it all happened: Our church’s children’s ministry was planning on taking a group to a huge preteen event being held at a nearby megachurch.  The registration flier said the early bird deadline was ...

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Make new budgets, but keep the old

I’m facing an end-of-year crisis that’s so regular I should just go ahead and put it on my calendar. I’ve got lots of youth budget money left. I have lots left because all year I’ve been encouraged to only spend what I absolutely need, which is a bit of a trap because everybody knows you can do youth ministry without ...

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Why The Fiscal Cliff is a Good Thing for Youth Ministry

This week you do not have to listen to the news for very long to hear talk about the government going over the ‘fiscal cliff‘. Chances are we have all in some way professionally or personally been affected by an economy that is recessing and finding that balance point again. Church budgets are shrinking, staff are being laid off, salaries ...

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