Become a Youth Disciple ONLINE Facilitator

Just a few months ago, I was rewarding youth who brought their “real, paper Bibles” to Bible study.  After all, we all know that United Methodist Youth carry and read and know their Bibles, right?  (Our own Charles Harrison used to always tell us that in Youth Ministry Certification classes anyway…)   It’s taken some coaxing by my husband and ...

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Quick No Preparation Lesson/Discussion

Supplies: Bibles, Index Cards, Pens Break your group into 5 sub-groups. Assign each sub-group a chapter from the Christian Testament- Letter of James Each sub-group should read the chapter together and then be prepared to explain the text to the whole group using their own words.  Let each sub-group report. (15 minutes) Then have all Youth write (at least) one ...

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Youth Disciple Bible Study Online this Fall

Something old-something new! The life changing DISCIPLE BIBLE STUDY is now available for use with youth totally online. No manuals, no picking a time or place to meet, no transportation obstacles. In fact, youth from neighboring communities or even other countries can join in. If we are going to transform the world, we need our next generation of Christians to ...

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