Methodist Church

An Insider’s Look at the Outsider

 “I haven’t done that in a while”, I said as my wife and I left the worship service.  We had just finished worshiping at a local United Methodist Church and were leaving the sanctuary.  As my wife exited the sanctuary, she turned right down the hallway.  “Okay, you go that way and I’ll go get our daughter”, I said jokingly. ...

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Jesus warning: not safe for consumption

Christian discipleship fascinates me. I’ve been pretty steadily in the habit of blaming poor discipleship on the general laziness of most participants. But lately I’m starting to see our lack of dedication as a larger, systemic, and mostly American byproduct of our spectator culture. We’ve become experts at belief & support without knowledge or participation. We don’t go to war; ...

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3 Smart Reasons to Offer Youth Disciple Online

Beginning August 1, Youth Disciple Bible Study Online  (YDO) will be launched as part of a partnership between the Institute for Discipleship and The YouthWorker Movement.  This is a 32 week online course of the in-depth and popular Disciple Bible study tailored for youth ministry.  Ideal for student ministry, YDO has a flexible schedule that can be tweaked and worked ...

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just another lazy methodist

Are Methodists Lazy?

We’ve achieved an unhealthy stereotype. Methodists are lazy. It’s easy to be Methodist. You don’t have to do anything. Jon Stewart called us the Phoenix University of denominations. Like all stereotypes, there are holes in the assertion that we’re lazy–but like most stereotypes, this one isn’t totally based in lies. I run into it all of the time–people that are ...

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Youth Ministry 101 – Enroll Now for Next Week’s Class

 Youth Ministry 101 — June 4-15, 2012 — $50.00   Brought to you through our partnership with the Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College (a United Methodist institution in Winfield, KS), Youth Ministry 101 offers the basics of youth ministry covering topics such as: the role of the youth minister youth culture administration Christian education with youth volunteers games and more The ...

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Become a Youth Disciple ONLINE Facilitator

Just a few months ago, I was rewarding youth who brought their “real, paper Bibles” to Bible study.  After all, we all know that United Methodist Youth carry and read and know their Bibles, right?  (Our own Charles Harrison used to always tell us that in Youth Ministry Certification classes anyway…)   It’s taken some coaxing by my husband and ...

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Wounded by Diversity

Diversity in Ministry

Isaiah 64:6-9 (CEB) We have all become like the unclean; all our righteous deeds are like a menstrual rag.  All of us wither like a leaf; our sins, like the wind, carry us away.  No one calls on your name; no one bothers to hold on to you, for you have hidden yourself from us, and have handed us over ...

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The Death of the UMC Connection

The idea of connection came unto its own during a moment in church history that was contentious and dramatic. As America began to find itself as a representative democracy, its citizens began to desire what they saw as a more democratic style of church structure, and they began to turn more and more to congregational styles of organization where each church ...

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Is Your Ministry More Like Rocky or Ivan Drago?

Do you ever find your youth ministry being compared to other ministries in your area? Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped in Rocky IV.  Other ministries are like Drago, the powerful Soviet boxer, with all the resources, training, and technology money can buy.  And then there’s me…lifting logs and chasing chickens in a set of poorly-fitted sweats. I wonder if ...

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