Book Reviews

A Practical Guide to Use with “Book, Bath, Table and Time” by Fred P. Edie

HOLY THINGS FOR YOUTH MINISTRY 13 PRACTICAL SESSIONS BRIAN HARDESTY-CROUCH, ED. ISBN/Prod. Code: 978-0-8298-1853-6 USA $14.00 Note – This item is expected to ship the end of December. A guide to Book, Bath, Table, and Time: Christian Worship as Source and Resource for Youth Ministry by Fred P. Edie (The Pilgrim Press, 2007). “Finally a resource that helps us to connect to ‘The Source!’ ...

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Shadows Darkness & Dawn .:. Group Lenten Journey

I was recently given a copy of the UpperRoom’s new Lenten devotional book “Shadows, Darkness, and Dawn.” If you are like me, the daily devotionals usually go about three months then fade away with a new season of the year. So the practice of doing a period devotional piece appeals to me. When looking at this book resource I couldn’t ...

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Terrible & Funny Fundraising Stories, Winner gets a Free book!

We are running a fun quick contest this week. Use the comments below to leave your best terrible/funny, or both, fundraising stories. To the winner, which will be decided totally objectively by the YWM team on which story we found to be most intriguing, will win a copy of “A Spirituality of Fundraising” by Henri Nouwen newly printed by the ...

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Church in the Inventive Age .:. Doug Pagitt

Church in the Inventive Age

Doug Pagitt came upon my radar a number of years ago when the emergent church scene was taking over the church world. Doug is recognized as one of the many leaders of that shift. Having hung around that conversation for many years and making friends with many of the players I got meet up with Doug and converse with him ...

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What do You know about Religion & Christianity?

There has been quite a bit of buzz circulating of late about the 'state of youth & religion in America' these days. Maybe you saw the CNN article about Kenda Creasy Dean calling out teenagers as "fake" Christians. That article alone has spurred quite a bit of news on its own, almost 6,000 comments and over 5,000 Facebook 'likes.' Or maybe you are a reader of the Pew Research like myself who's followed their Religious quiz where Atheists & Agnostics have scored the best overall.

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