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“Our Only Weapon is Love” – the disciple Bartholomew in “Risen”

Review of “Risen” by Andrew Suite – warning: spoilers! A small youth group has some great advantages. It is easy to fit the whole crew into a couple of cars in order to go see “Risen” starring Joseph Fiennes as Roman military tribune Clavius. The movie is well done and strives to be historically and biblically accurate. For example, the ...

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How Yoda Ruined My Theology

Star Wars is back and is force-choking every Box Office record in its path! Amid all the hoopla, I’ve done my fair share of rewatching clips from the old movies. Because of what Darth Lucas did to Yoda in the prequels, I had forgotten how incredibly philosophical and wise the character of Yoda was in the original trilogy. One of the most iconic ...

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Part 1 of a wonderful movie trilogy.  Most excellent and well done!  The extended version is worth the extra time.

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