From nuclear terrorist to youth minister

  Youth ministry: it’s not rocket science. But every now and then it is nuclear physics. A couple of weeks ago we put out an all-call for new voices to write for us. Not every week, but we see a lot of value in our members getting to hear from within, so to speak. We’ve had a pretty great response ...

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What I Learned at Perkins School of Youth Ministry 2014

What I Learned In Certification My First Year

It is that time of year again.  The time where I assess what I got out of my favorite training event for youthworkers.  PSYM has been around for 26 years.  One of the founders, my friend Rev. Walt Marcum still teaches.  I wasn’t there at the start but I got there as soon as I could.  So after 23 years, ...

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3 “Aha!” Moments I Didn’t Expect to Teach at Perkins School of Youth Ministry

  Ever had an aha moment?  An “aha moment” is defined as “a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension,” according to Merriam-Webster.  I remember exactly where I was driving in my car when I had that crazy aha moment and realized as a young sales professional that not every adult wants to spend their free time volunteering ...

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Write for the Youthworker Movement

  Make all of your dreams come true! Or one of them, provided that dinner didn’t sit well and you were tossing and turning all night wishing you could mouth off about your opinions about Wesleyan youth ministry. That dream, my friend, is right around the corner. We are deeply interested in developing Wesleyan voices in youth ministry content. If ...

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What I Learned at the National Youth Workers Convention

It was a great honor to be a part of The Youthworker Movement’s Seminars at NYWC in Nashville.  I appreciate the partnership with the good folks at Youth Specialties especially my friend Mark Matlock but most importantly Mindi Godfrey who made it possible to live out the vision of allowing us time and space to meet with our general membership.  ...

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The 4 Types of Volunteers and How You Should Manage Them

Erin Jackson Sharing Ideas

Are you a youth director wondering what your volunteers are really thinking?  For over a decade, I was on the church staff member side of the equation…now I love my role as a youth ministry volunteer.  The perspective of a youth director’s primary job is different on this side…whether you realize it or not, the most effective youth directors understand ...

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6 ways to stop being a complete jackhole to your volunteers

Volunteer in Youth Ministry

My phone at work almost never rings. I don’t mind. Most people that actually know me know that my office hours are scattered and that the best, fastest way to reach me is my mobile. So last week when the phone on my desk rang I was pretty sure it was a solicitor. They didn’t disappoint. The call was from ...

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Dealing with Controversial Topics without Getting Fired

I have been spending a lot of time recently dealing with controversial topics in the church as part of a message series I am doing in one of our adult worship services.  Though it is possible to get a lot of people interested, it is equally possible to end up with a bunch of upset parents, kids, and pastors.  So, ...

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Talk Tips: But Everyone Cried at Camp

This is one in an ongoing series of posts to help you hone your skills as a speaker either in an up-front setting or a small group. I don’t care if it made everyone cry at camp, or if it just came out in the theaters/happened on the news.  No matter how cool an illustration is, it is a distraction ...

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