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Get a Life-sized Clue: big board games

Building A Philosophy Of Sustainable Youthwork

by Eric Pugh Several years ago, while brainstorming with our student leadership team about new fellowship activities, we stumbled upon Life-Sized Clue. Our youth had already done Life-Sized Monopoly (which was a ton of fun to construct the board, but implementation was difficult with a large group of people), and wanted to try something else. After a few suggestions, someone ...

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Science for Youth Ministry discount code for The Summit

Science for Youth Ministry - The Summit

Science for Youth Ministry is proud to be a sponsor of the 2015 gathering for The Summit, a youthworker event created by The Youth Cartel. We’re giving you a discount code good for $25 off of registration, so stay with us to the bottom of the post! The Summit is unique among youth ministry events – rather than a typical ...

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#Social Creed

The United Methodist Movement has a reputation for its concern for the people and as a church we have been active on social issues for many years. The Social Principles of the United Methodist Church are crafted to express how we engage in social issues. They are exceedingly important for any United Methodist to know. Today, let’s begin our journey ...

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#Social: a new Social Principles series

The Social Principles are an important part of the United Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline. Our heritage has always been a faith community that is greatly concerned about social action and ability and opportunity of all people to be welcome in the Kingdom of God. The Social Principles are in the Book of Discipline but, unlike the rest of the ...

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finding connection in disconnecting

As a new school year begins, stop and think for a moment about how much mobile phones impact what happens in your youth ministry activities. When your kids gather before or during events, are 100% of them interacting with each other or an adult leader? On a van ride to a mission trip destination, are there periods of silence when ...

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5 Must-Use Apps for Youth Ministry

written by Audrua Malvaez I have had a cell phone since 2002, when I spent three weeks on the 8th grade cheer team and my parents deemed it a necessary evil. I was so proud of my Nokia brick-of-a-phone that played Snake, had T9 capabilities, and, of course, was For Emergencies Only. Now, my sleek iPhone 6 has over 47 ...

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The Limits of God’s Grace

In 2006, the sadly now defunct magazine The Journal of Student Ministries published an article called, “The Limits of God’s Grace: What if We Weren’t Afraid of Hell?” written by Bart Campolo, son of Tony and Peggy Campolo, and a noted speaker and author in his own right. After the article was published, several things then happened: Christianity Today called ...

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3 quick back-to-school reminders

Hooray, school! As we return to another school year together, we wanted to offer 3 quick reminders that will ease the months to come: 1. Download your local school calendars. Most things stay the same, but sometimes things change. Don’t get caught off-guard by a new holiday schedule or snow days padding a president’s birthday. Sports schedules are a good ...

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