A Prayer for Deliverance: Psalm 17

deliverance: noun 1. the act of delivering 2. salvation 3. liberation I love Psalm 17!  I can not begin to tell you exactly how many times in 3 decades of youth ministry I have prayed this blessed Psalm!  Maybe you have prayed it a few times too?  If you haven’t yet, there will most likely be a day for this Psalm ...

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Lenten Devotional- Day 3

Living in the Most High’s shelter, camping in the Almighty’s[a] shade,  I say to the Lord, “You are my refuge, my stronghold! You are my God—the one I trust!” -Psalm 91: 1-2 Common English Bible 3 Years ago, I had an opportunity to take my youth group on a Canoeing and Camping Weekend. We had our plans all laid out, our ...

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Ash Wednesday Devo- Heart of Stone

…And thus we rust Life’s iron chain    Degraded and alone: And some men curse, and some men weep,    And some men make no moan: But God’s eternal Laws are kind    And break the heart of stone. ~Oscar Wilde, The Ballad Of Reading Gaol   It snuck up on me.  This day that marks the beginning of the ...

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