We offer a variety of ways to receive coaching support from the Youthworker Movement:

Boot Camp Coaching

If you have participated in Boot Camp at SPARK Conferences then you qualify for FREE Boot Camp Coaching for 1 year.

Personal Coach

If you want to fine tune your skills, work on your ministry structure, become more self aware, or work through spiritual growth practices, then we have a personalized approach for you.  For $99 per month you will receive 1 hour a week of coaching in any of these areas.

Local Church Assessment Coaching

If you have used our local church assessment model, then you qualify for 1 Year from a Personal Coach for free.

Youth Ministry Coaching Program – The Youth Cartel

In most ways, this program will surpass the training that can be offered by seminars and conventions. It will even surpass the experience of formal education. This is specifically due to the structure of the program (a small cohort with accountability, safety and shared shaping of the content), as well as the content of the program (thoughtful youth ministry dialogue, real life application, customized personal development, emotional honesty, and spiritual direction).

Since YMCP launched in 2010, we’ve seen over 200 youth workers from nearly a dozen denominations graduate from the program, and the results of have been astounding. Regardless of their age (from 24-60 years old) or experience in youth ministry (from one year to three decades), the ramifications of YMCP have resulted in profound personal and Kingdom impact.

Download the brochure and find more information at The Youth Cartel.

For more information contact Charles W. Harrison charles(at)mcyouth(dot)org

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