Covenant Members

Covenant Membership is $35 per year (runs Jan. 1- Dec. 31).

Covenant members are the folks who want to sigmaessays teach classes, write curriculum and/or blog posts, lead community care groups, coach network members and serve as the voice and vision of Wesleyan Youth Ministry in the 21st century.

Covenant Members receive significant $ discount to Youth Ministry events all year long.

Covenant Member in good standing for 2 consecutive years is a requirement of Certification in Youth Ministry by The Foundation for Ministry Excellence.

Covenant Member in good standing for 10 consecutive years become Lifetime Members and the yearly membership fee is waived.

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Some of the Gang – Covenant members of all ages!


* Membership fee is affordable papers due January 1st yearly along with a signed renewal of your covenant
* Participate in on-line discussions through the Youthworker Movement web site
* Share original curriculum, games, programs, Bible studies, etc. with general membership through the YWM web site in in your local community of Youthworkers
* Participate in a Community Care Group as a member or as a leader
* Attend YWM events if possible
* Submit proposals for workshops, events, seminars, and cohorts to the YWM
* Participate in your geographic context with other Youthworkers on a regular basis and encourage them to join the movement
* Help connect other Youthworkers to the YWM ministry network
*** Meeting these requirements throughout each year puts you as a “member in good standing” with the Center for Youth Ministry Excellence

For more information contact Charles W. Harrison charles(at)mcyouth(dot)org 972.333.9870


My Covenant Of Membership

My ability to interpret my call, minister to others, and live in relation to them is immediately and entirely dependent upon the health of my personal relationship with God.  I COVENANT TO foster and protect that relationship by seeking a disciplined, prayerful life through spiritual practices, Sabbath, self-care, balance, and acknowledgement of the integrity of my call.

Flowing from that relationship is the natural outpouring of ministry evident in any life changed by God.  Toward that vocation, regardless of employment or fiscal compensation, I COVENANT TO cultivate and honor the gift of my ministry as I mature in my faith and become more Christ-like i my behavior.  I will model authenticity as I teach, strive to be a life-long learner, keep an open mind, follow Wesleyan practices, and maintain appropriate boundaries.

Recognizing that God’s perfect expression of our ministry is best breathed through many voices in the lives of youth, I COVENANT TO cherish and participate in the conversation of faith formation by being in community with other adults for mutual support and accountability through the offering of my prayers, my presence, my gifts, my service, and my witness.

Covenant Points:
     1) God & Self
     2) God, Self & Ministry
     3) God, Self, Ministry & Community

Signed: ______________________________
Date: _______________________________



Covenant Membership Board for 2015-2019
Chair: Charles W. Harrison
Vice Chair: Erin Sloan Jackson
Kevin Alton
Gavin Richardson
Rev. Georgia M. Harrison
Mindi Godfrey
Mak Young
Rev. Jeremy Steele
Rev. Wendy Mohler-Seib
Eddie Erwin
Todd Lovell
Lori Richey
Eric Pugh


Lifetime Members
Rev. Micheal Selleck
Rev. Terry Carty
June Wilson
Rev. William G. Pyatt
Rod Hocott
Rev. Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean
Amy Valdez Barker
Rev. Dr. John O. Gooch
Charles W. Harrison
Rev. Georgia M. Harrison
Erin Sloan Jackson
Gavin Richardson
Kevin Alton
Rev Walt Marcum
Rev. Dr. Andy Stoker
Rev. Diana Northcutt
Dara Bell
Rev. Richard White
Rev. Ted Anderson