Creative Idea: Easter PEEPle Dioramas

Got a youth group full of creative Peeps?

Here’s a creative, hands-on project that is fun, makes Scripture come alive and promotes teamwork: a Peeps diorama lesson.  You’re familiar with Peeps, right? The colorful, sugar coated marshmallow candy we see at Easter each year?  Our church youth group put the Peeps to creative use (and ate a few in the process).

Youth, like all people, learn best in different ways.  This kind of activity is ideal for hands-on, kinesthetic learners.  

The result was a lesson the youth wouldn’t forget and a display for the congregation to enjoy:

Youth Group Diorama
Youth Group Diorama

Youth Group Diorama
Youth Group Diorama

Youth Group Diorama

Youth Group Diorama


How it works:

Divide your group into smaller teams.

Supplies: Each team gets a supply of Peeps, glue, crayons, markers, poster board and various craft supplies.

1.  Select a passage or story for each team to illustrate.  At St. Barnabas the session was done at Easter, so they covered from the Last Supper to Resurrection.  Consider variations with other Biblical stories you are studying – the Christmas story with Christmas candy, for example.  The main idea is to have youth create a 3-D model of what is happening in Scripture.

2.  Have teams read their assigned Scripture passage and then create a diorama illustrating the passage. Instead of the usual shoebox, these diorama backgrounds are made by cutting posterboard into a square, cutting a diagonal line to the center, folding it on the diagonals and setting it up to make a 3-D display.

3.  After the allotted time (20-30 minutes), each team presents their creations to the larger group.  You can award prizes if you want to make it a contest or just have a display for the congregation to ponder.

Power to the PEEPle!  If you try this activity or have a variation you’ve done, we’d love to hear from you!

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A special thanks for this idea:  Inspired by an annual Peeps diorama contest in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram newspaper, St. Barnabas UMC youth ministry volunteer, Lisa Odom,  suggested youth apply the idea to Scripture.







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