Cut the Rope Live at Your Next Youth Event

We’ve all grown to love the cute little hungry green monster from cut the rope (of course by all, I mean all the cool kids with an iPhone, android, iPad, etc). Now it’s time to ramp up your next youth event with a live version.




First, the supplies list:


1 Broomstick
1 Spool of twine
1 Bag-o-BPDs (Baby Powdered Doughnuts)
2–4 Scissors

Add for messy version:
4–8 Styrofoam bowls
2–3 Condiments
1 poncho (or trash bag with a head hole) per team


Prep: You are going to have pairs of students attempting this. So think through how many attempts you would like for each pair to have. Then, cut that number of 3–4 foot lengths of string. Tie a BPD on one end and the other end to the broomstick. If you want to go messy with this one, fill the styrofoam bowls with the condiments of your own choosing.

Play It

Select 2–3 pairs of students to play the first round game.  One member of each pair puts on the poncho and lays on the floor. After gathering all but one BPD per team at on end of the broomstick, have two adult volunteers hold either end of the broomstick with the BPDs (one per team) hanging over the mouths of the participants on the floor. Give the standing student a scissor and tell them that their goal will be to cut the rope at the right time for it to drop into the mouth of their team mate. The students on the floor should be instructed that they can only move their necks… not their bodies.

The game begins with the two volunteers getting the BPDs swinging at a good clip. The students are told they can cut whenever they are ready and whoever gets the BPD in the mouth wins!

Making it messy: To take this to the next level of grossiosity, have each student choose a condiment and dip the doughnut before beginning the swing. Yeah. That would be a face full of BPD, Chocolate Syrup, and Ketchup.



Jeremy Steele has been working in youth ministry for the past fifteen years and now serves as the Next Generation Minister  at Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, AL.  He writes for Group Magazine, RETHINK Church and various publications and organizations.  You can find a link to all the places he contributes on his website at

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