Extra Extra! the YWM Daily Papers

We started a few weeks ago putting out daily “papers” of all kinds of content through out twitter account (@ywmovement). You should check it out on daily, weekly basis, it is constantly being updated to reflect what is being shared in thought, resource, links, fun, and oddity in ministry.

We have two papers, one based entirely on our Youth Worker Friends and another on our Pastor Friends.

If you wanted to do something like this for your ministry it is not hard, just takes a little time to establish where you want the paper to get its content from. Here are the steps that want go through.

  1. Decide what content entity you want your paper to pull from, facebook or twitter
  2. If Twitter, I suggest making a list of people you want to pull content from
  3. Sign into paper.li with your twitter account
  4. Go to create a newspaper, then plug in the url of list you created in the lists option
  5. You will see your first paper in a minute, you can make changes to it and then publish it
  6. [You can also use hashtags or your twitter account if you don’t want to make a list]
  7. If Facebook, then figure out what content keywords are part of your paper
  8. Sign in to paper.li with your Facebook account
  9. Go to create a newspaper, then type in your key words
  10. You to will see your first paper in a minute, you can then make change to it and then publish it
  11. Once you’ve published your paper you can set it to highlight the paper on a daily or weekly basis

It’s that easy.. Promise!

I really like them, especially for twitter because if I miss a day of tweets it is an easy way to jump into folks braintrust for that day.


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  1. Sounds great. We are going to try this at our church. Thanks for the great ideas.

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