Dallas GiveCamp Recap

Last weekend, IT developers and consultants from North Texas gave back to the community by volunteering their entire weekend locked in an office building coding for charity.  The YouthWorker Movement was honored to be selected as one of 13 charities for this weekend.  In just 46 hours, teams created and revamped websites, and in our case, created a new development from scratch (more details on that soon.)  During the weekend, Erin Jackson, Gavin Richardson, Charles Harrison and Georgia Harrison from The YouthWorker Movement were available to answer questions or be onsite.  Our Project Manager, Dennis Jackson, happens to be married to Erin, so that made the preplanning process a lot easier.  Here’s a collection of photos from our weekend:

Dallas GiveCamp 2011


The YouthWorker Movement Team gets started

The YouthWorker Movement Project Begins

Project Manager Dennis Jackson presents the final project

Our Project Manager Dennis had a message just for Gavin

Sogeti Consulting employees worked on the YWM project

This is the kickoff for GiveCamp - notice the fresh faces


GiveCamp is an amazing charitable effort.  It’s the perfect combination of talents for a good cause – the participants are talented and passionate about computer programming and the like and through GiveCamp these talents are given to nonprofits.  The nonprofits need the help and could not afford to pay for it.  Everyone wins!  There may be a GiveCamp in your area – you should do go to www.givecamp.org to get more information.

GiveCamp would not be possible without the support of businesses like:

Paladin, Microsoft, CTREC Hilton, Telerik, DevExpress, Slalom Consulting, ComponentOne, RedGate, TechSmith, ChangeForADollar, AgileZen, Infragistics, ASP.net, Sogeti Consulting.  We at The YouthWorker Movement and the Center for Youth Ministry Excellence (CYMX) are thankful!

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  1. Let me say, that I did comply with the Dennis demands even though I wasn’t quite sure what all those things were. Got it done!

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