Advanced Wesleyan Youth Ministry Cohort

$600 for a 9 month cohort that starts in September and ends in May. Each cohort has 8-12 members.

Designed and Led by Charles W. Harrison and Rev. Dr. Laceye Warner.

SYLLABUS (Coming soon)

This cohort is for Youthworkers who have: finished certification classes, have some undergraduate or graduate credit in theology and/or youth ministry, or have participated in a previous class on Wesleyan Youth Ministry from the Youthworker Movement or the equivalent.

What does it look like to really follow John Wesley’s praxis as it relates to youth ministry?  What does evangelism look like in youth ministry?   This group is designed to take everyone much deeper with a descriptive model of solid Wesleyan theology, solid Wesleyan praxis, the latest information from the social-psych perspective about youth in the life cycle as well as looking at healthy church systems for discipleship.  There will also be an emphasis on what leadership looks like from a Wesleyan perspective. From this model, each participant will form a deeper design for ministry in their own unique context as one size DOES NOT fit all.  Each participant will also form a deeper design for their own personal faith & discipleship journey.

There will be monthly readings and papers and a group project.  Students are required to purchase their own books separately.

College credit toward an undergraduate degree or a master’s degree in Youth Ministry from Southwestern College & the Institute for Discipleship or possible credit towards a MACP with a Youth Ministry focus from Duke Divinity School is possible and requires a small additional $ fee.

For more information contact Charles W. Harrison charles(at)mcyouth(dot)org 972.333.9870

Houston, TX based cohort begin September 2015 REGISTER NOW HERE

Led by Charles W. Harrison and Rev. Dr. Laceye Warner / Cohort Leaders- Eddie Erwin and TBA

Mobile, AL based cohort begin September 2015 REGISTER NOW HERE

Led by Charles W. Harrison and Rev. Dr. Laceye Warner / Cohort Leaders- Rev. Jeremy Steele and TBA

certification 5th years 2015

5th Year Certification Students 2015