Scope and Sequence Youth Ministry Cohort

What does a big picture long term plan for Youth Ministry for your local church look like over the course of the 6-7 years that youth are in the local church youth group?

Tired of planning just 1 week at a time?

Do you know what your goals for Youthwork are each semester?

Are you ready to move on because you have used up everything in your youth ministry bag of tricks?

Come and be a part of this 9 month cohort that will build a strong long term plan and then teach you exactly how to live out that plan based on your context and your particular ministry strengths.  One size just does not fit all.

Learn: A Master Plan for Sunday School, How to Choose 7 years of Curriculum, How to Never Buy Curriculum Again, How to be the Living Curriculum with Just your Bible in Hand, What to Use for Youth Group Programs, How to Plan Age Appropriate Bible Studies, What are the Theological Rocks That You Want Youth To Walk Out with after 7 Years of Youth Group, A 7 Year Plan For Parents & Families, How To Build a Scope and Sequence that Outlives Your Ministry, and much more!

This cohort is led by Youth Ministry Veterans Kevin Alton and Charles W. Harrison with a little (video) help from their friends.

The Cohort will meet in person for 3 days in September/October and then meet on-line monthly before the final 3 day in person meeting in April.

The first Cohort will begin meeting in September 2016 in Dallas, Texas.  Cost- $700 includes housing at C2K dormitories.

REGISTRATION opens soon!