Everybody loves free curriculum.


So let’s give everybody some.

One of our sessions at YS’ National Youth Worker Convention in Nashville resurrected a old idea we had and shelved a few years ago. We’re all aware of the limited flow of Wesleyan content for our youth rooms; there are less than a handful of entities producing any. Then we realized that within the membership of the Youthworker Movement we’ve got thousands of entities producing Wesleyan curricula, many on a weekly basis. If you’re like most of us, you’re plugging a hole somewhere in your schedule with content that you’re creating yourself.

Give it.

Our conversation in Nashville centered around the concept of a sort of shared library of content. There’s a lot of math yet to be done on what we will take from whom and how who will be able to get what from where, but we need your voices to bring it to life. The biggest thought driving the project is to create a centralized, collaborative source of Wesleyan content for our members, from our members.

Full disclosure: this concept is in all-stops-out careening toward the wall BETA. We won’t fully know what it looks like until we see it. We aren’t trying to steal your content. We’re not really even promising to use it. But we’d like for you to send what you’ve got, with a couple of provisos:

Only send complete lessons. Don’t send napkin sketches of where you intended to go before you realized that half the room had a band concert that night and you backed up and punted. If it’s a 3 week curriculum, make sure there’s three weeks there.

Just send one. A one week sample of a multi-week curriculum is plenty to start. Feel free to send multiple “ones.”

Tell us what it is. We’re not trying to be lazy, but even a paragraph describing the scope and sequence (what it’s about and how it gets there) puts us miles down the road toward understanding what we’ve got in our hands.

Be patient. The room (and response we’ve heard since Nashville) was pretty eager to charge the gates of the new YWM library. Your feedback on the idea will be helpful as well. We’re talking through a few different models for how to turn it back around as useable content for everyone. Quality is a concern. Hurt feelings are a concern, honestly. Some of what you’ve got will be easy to flip and some may take more minds and more days to bump into shape. We’ll communicate back to you as best as we are able.

Know that giving it to us isn’t giving it away. Yet. We need content on hand to determine how to proceed. Once we have that direction formed a little more concretely, we’ll go back to the people that have submitted and make sure, individually, that you’re cool with our intended use of it. If you’re not, rest assured it won’t appear on our site.

In the coming weeks we’ll be developing two sets of guidelines to help you as you’re deciding what to send. One will focus on the form of the content. The other will focus on the content of the content, giving you a Wesleyan filter to run things through before sending it our way. If you’re raring to go, all this made sense to you, and you feel pretty good about what you’ve got,  please go ahead and send away. If you’re unsure or hesitant or think we’re going to steal your content and sell it to Facebook, feel free to wait until our guidelines are clarified.

I’m acting as point person on this initially, so please hit me up with content, questions, and/or suggestions at kevin@youthworkercircuit.com.

We’re excited to see where this takes us!


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