Main Event

Ed TrimmerAuthor: Edward A. Trimmer
Publisher: eBooks | The Youthworker Movement / November 28, 2009

An ebook by Dr. Ed Trimmer Dr. Trimmer did the research for Albin Institute but the book was never published. Dr. Trimmer owns the publishing rights and grants YouthWorker Movement members permission to download this book for their own learning.




Ch. 1: Introduction

Ch. 2: The Main Event in Youth Ministry

Ch. 3: The Sideshows

Ch. 4: Leadership: The Persistent Problem, the Exciting Challenge

Ch. 5: What About All Those Other Youth-Serving Agencies?

Ch. 6: Prophetic Voices

*CYMX/Youthworker Movement has been granted the rights to make this publication available on-line in PDF format by the original authors who hold the copyrights.