Fruit Ninja Live at Your Next Youth Event

A katana and an orange? Maybe not at youth group...

Ever since the days of Gallagher, people can’t get enough of torturing innocent fruit whenever they get a chance. The iPhone is not immune to this fad, why should your youth group miss out? Let’s cut to the chase:

* Water balloons
* Food coloring or fruit juice (see below)
* Twine
* Broomstick
* Bat or stick with a needle or nail poking out of its side at a 90 degree angle
* Plastic

Decide how many participants you will have and how many pieces of fruit (balloons) you would like each to have. Multiply those two numbers and you get the magic number. Fill the magic number of water balloons with liquid (fruit juice or water tinted with food coloring) tie each off. Cut the magic number of 3–5 foot lengths of twine. Tie one end of twine securely to each balloon and the other in a loop that will slide easily on the broomstick.

Pick your participants, and give them the bat. Have two volunteers load one of the balloons on the broomstick and begin to swing it. Begin timing when the leader says go stopping when the fruit (balloon) is slashed. Repeat however many times you prepped for and add the times together. The participant with the lowest total time wins!

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