Get a Life-sized Clue: big board games

by Eric Pugh

Several years ago, while brainstorming with our student leadership team about new fellowship activities, we stumbled upon Life-Sized Clue. Our youth had already done Life-Sized Monopoly (which was a ton of fun to construct the board, but implementation was difficult with a large group of people), and wanted to try something else. After a few suggestions, someone said, “What about Clue?” The group paused and thought, “Yeah, what about Clue!” We then began working to make it happen, and this is how we did it:

Using a Clue board game and a map of our church, we decided which spaces in the church would most easily correspond to a room in the game. The kitchen was the kitchen, the youth lounge was the billiard room (because we had a pool table), and so on and so forth until we had all the rooms covered. Then instead of following the rules of the game, we decided that each room should have a piece of evidence or a clue that could be recovered. To retrieve the clue from the room, we created challenges that had to be successfully completed to unlock the clue. Finally we deiced that we would recruit specific volunteers from our church to play the part of each the characters. We created a mystery that need to be solved, a back story, and motive for each character so they could play their part.

When we play the game, we make teams 4-5 youth, which travel around the church trying to unlock clues. We only allow one team in a room at a time. If the team does not succeed they have to leave the room and reenter. We also allow them to ask questions of suspects, but the suspects have limited information. The first team to return to the main area with the correct answer wins. We decided that teams who guess incorrectly received a time penalty where they had to wait, to prevent teams from guessing over and over. Since that first time we played, we have played it over and over, making new scenarios and creating new challenges. Our students like it so much, that they make sure it’s on our fall calendar each year new Halloween. They like to dress up too!


  1. My students LOVE the normal Clue boardgame. They would seriously flip over this! Any chance you’d want to email me all your details (clues they unlock, previous stories, etc?


  2. Hi from South Africa! This looks awesome! My guys also love board games. Like Jamie asked is there any chance you would share some of your ones you ran? Regards Adam

  3. We have played a version of clue for a number of years with campers age 3 – 6th grade. Kids were split into small groups and could go to any of the suspects to ask yes or no questions of. They were given a list of suspects, places (areas at camp, not rooms), motives and weapons. Everything had to do with something that goes on at camp.

    This year we changed it up a little. They had to find out who stole the cheese for our Cheesy mac for Friday lunch. The kitchen ladies started us off by noticing the cheese was gone (rare they get to be involved in all-camp activities so that was fun for them!) Then each group had to start at a specific area throughout the camp site and complete a task there as a group in order to get a clue to help them figure out who did it. They also got a clue to where their next place to go was. The kids – and staff – enjoyed it…and we found the cheese for our cheesy mac!

  4. Hi, I an a high school youth group leader looking for more info on the life size clue game! We have a lock-in scheduled in a few weeks and would love to include this!

    • Shannon,

      I would be happy to send you over the info I have, or we could chat, which ever you prefer.


      • Thank you so much for nay in put and suggestions that you may have!~
        I am putting my kids in teams of 2-4 depending on how many come to the lockin! I love the idea of then having challenges to get a clue. Would you email me specifics?

        • Shannon,

          I have sent you a link to the files. Please let me know if you have questions, I would be happy to chat.


  5. Hey Eric I would love the Info on the clue Game if that is possible.

    and I was wondering how you did monopoly?

    PS my girlfriends last name is Pugh. .

  6. The life size clue game sounds awesome! Will you be willing to share?

  7. Hi Eric,

    I too would love to get more details on setting up the CLUE game. Thanks.

  8. Would you mind sharing your brilliant clue game with Arlington Heights UMC?

    Thank you. Love knowing you are in the neighborhood!

  9. Eric,
    I would also like to have your files on the life-sized clue game as well. Your generosity in this is greatly appreciated.

  10. I would like to have your files on the life-sized clue game. Thank you in advance.

  11. Hi Eric,

    I would love to have more information on how you guys played Monopoly and Clue! If it is not too much trouble, it’d be great if you could email me the details! Thank you!


    • Chu,

      Sorry for my delay, please accept my apology. I have sent you a link to the files, I pray they are helpful. Let me know if you have questions.


  12. I would love to get the details from you as well. I’m looking for some new fun things to do with my youth group. Please email me at Thank you for sharing!!!

    • Halecia,

      I have sent you a link to the files, I pray they are helpful. Let me know if you have questions.


  13. Brenda Vandivort

    I, too would like a link to the files. Our youth group is beginning to grow and I think this would be great. Thank you.

  14. I would love to get the info also! Its very intriguing!
    Thank you!

  15. That sounds like a fantastic lock-in game! I’d love to see any work you guys put into it and see if I could tailor it to a smaller youth group.

  16. Eric would love more information on how to put together Life Size Clue game…. love the idea.

  17. Hi Eric,
    I am not a youth group leader, rather an after school provider. My middle schoolers would really love this game, any chance you’d be will ing to share your ideas? I’d rather not re-invent the wheel if I can avoid it! Thanks, Annette

  18. Hi Eric,
    Like everyone else, I would also like to ask if you would send me the files to access the details of your life sized Clue game. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Eric! What a great version of running this game. Again, like the others, could you please send me the info on this and how you did it in detail?

  20. What a fun idea! Would you please send the details to Clue and Monopoly? Our youth group is really looking forward to playing and inviting friends!

  21. Hello, we did life sized candyland last year and it was a huge hit. We are planning clue for this February. I would love more information too please. Thanks. Also, when we did candyland it was all about getting the protical son back to his father to be able to attend the feast. Do you have any biblical content to go with clue? Thanks

  22. Hello my church group would love to do clue and monopoly if you could send me the details that’d be awesome.

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