God Always Happens

You probably long for a day when everything falls perfectly into place. No hassles. No fires to put out. No problems with people acting out. No drama. You just go through your day with positive thing after positive thing happening all day long. But guess what? That’s just not going to happen. In fact, it’s never going to happen. Because that’s not how real life ever happens. But that’s okay because God always happens. And when God happens, great things happen. Good comes out of bad. Hope comes out of defeat. New possibilities come out of chaos. So don’t just look for that day when life works out the way you want. Look for God who is at work in the real life you live. And when you see God, get on board with the amazing, incredible and exciting things God is doing in your life.

Rev. Gary Mueller
FUMC Plano, Texas

Gary shares some daily thoughts in the Notes section of his Facebook page.


YouthWorker Movement Questions to Consider:

Have you ever had a perfect day?  What would it look like?

What is a “normal” day like for you?  For your ministry?

When was the last time “God Happened” for you?

Is it easy to “let go and let God” or is it difficult?  Why?

How is God at work right now? In you? Your Family?  Your church?  Your ministry?

[You may find it helpful to spend a day on each question and write down your responses.  Write whatever comes to mind without judgement.  Then take some time to carefully pray through what you have written.  And take time to listen because God is talking to you.]

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