God’s Creation

Different people with varying looks, colors and ways of speaking. They are all God’s children. Different places with divergent landscapes, climates and beauty. They are all God’s creation. Different ways of living with richness of culture, music and understanding of beauty. They are all God’s creation. Don’t judge people and things that are different. Don’t demean what you don’t understand. Look around and see the tapestry of God’s handiwork. Dwell on the richness of what God has done. Appreciate the true gift of life that God has given. Give thanks to God for the gift of life of which you are part. And live with joy this day.


Rev. Gary Mueller
FUMC Plano, Texas

Gary shares some daily thoughts in the Notes section of his Facebook page.

UPDATE: The Youthworker Movement is excited to share that at SCJC in July, Gary was elected Bishop!  He will be serving the Arkansas area starting in September.  Congratulations Gary!  Arkansas Youthworkers are so very lucky to have such an inspirational Bishop and we know that you will find tremendous support and leadership for your work with Young People from our good friend Bishop Mueller!





YouthWorker Movement Questions to Consider:

When was the last time you met someone different than you?

What is your reaction to different people?

When was the last time you befriended someone who is different?  What was the outcome?

Do you judge people?  Why?

Do you understand everyone you meet? Why? Why not?

When was the last time you thanked God for different people?

[You may find it helpful to spend a day on each question and write down your responses.  Write whatever comes to mind without judgement.  Then take some time to carefully pray through what you have written.  And take time to listen because God is talking to you.]

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