A Day Like Any Other

prayerJesus feels that the hour is approaching and goes off to pray. In John 17 we find a prayer where Jesus effectively prays for His disciples at that time, but also for the disciples that are a part of the Kingdom of God. So you could agree that Jesus was praying for you and for me.

He prays that we would be unified in the same love that God and Jesus share. The Gospel of John is by far one of my favorite gospel interpretations because it is different. It is not a synopsis of the life and ministry of Jesus, it is a story, a narrative of who God is and why Jesus is.

Because Jesus is what God does.

Today is Good Friday. A day where Jesus literally forfeits his life on earth for all of mankind. It is Good Friday, because God is Good, and through Jesus we are given a love that we could never have on our own. This love gives us a life that our world needs that we need, but is it a life that we want?

If we are honest, sometimes it’s not, because sometimes the results of living this life are hard, but it is the best way to live. Francesca Battistelli recently wrote a song called, “If We are Honest,” and its a great one. Here is the song in lyric video from youtube.


Bring your mess, bring your brokenness, because all Christ wants is you. We find this new life, this new love at the cross, because we cannot get to easter unless we go through the cross. As hard as the cross was Jesus endured it for you and for me. And yes there will be trouble in this life, but because of Christ we will not be defined by our brokenness or our mess, we are defined by the mercy on the other side.

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