Holy Ground – Lent Devo


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, lent has officially begun. Today we find ourselves standing on holy ground. Wherever you are right this moment you are on holy ground. Let that sink in a second. You might be thinking, there is nothing holy about this place. You are wrong, it is holy because God is holy and God is present in that place.

Several years ago, I had the privilege of pilgrimage to Israel. Each and every day, and every step I took while there, felt like holy ground. I was overwhelmed by God’s presence and beauty all around.  Holy ground was all around. When I returned home, it was hard to find that same feeling. Why? I guess the answer is, I expect to encounter God in some places, but not in others. Where do you expect to encounter God?

In Acts 7:30-34, Stephen is recounting the story of Moses in his speech and tells us that 40 years has passed since Moses has run away from his sins to hide in the desert and move on with his life. Why was God absent from the story for so long? Perhaps Moses did not expect to encounter God in the wilderness, or maybe Moses needed time to be ready to encounter God. Are you ready to encounter God or are you letting your mistakes keep you apart?

We all have made mistakes in our lives; if we are honest we have tried to hide from them the best we know how. We may have even tried to hide from God. God breaks into Moses life, makes god-self visible to Moses, calls out to him from a burning bush, reminds him he is standing on holy ground and tells him he has a job to do; to free his people from bondage. No matter how far we try and run or how long we ignore God’s presence In our life, the moment that we recognize God is present, we are reminded that the ground we are standing on is holy and God is present with us.

As we start our Lenten journey together, let us remember that God’s grace is calling out to us reminding us that where we are standing right now is holy ground, if we could only stop for a moment and see what is happening. All of creation is holy ground for God, let us take time today and remember we are standing on holy ground with the great I Am.  Like Moses, God has a job for us this too, to go into the world and be God’s people. We have been called and chosen to go into the hurting world and offer healing, hope and wholeness, and when we do, we help others stand on holy ground.


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