Hunger Games for the Youth Worker

So it shows up over the weekend in a bang, the Hunger Games movie had big get on it’s opening night of $155 million in the US and $214 million globally (that’s in one day). So a few people were out there watching it.

As is with any good youth ministry trying to be relevant we want to capsulize on the buzz, right.. Well, maybe.

My idea here isn’t to sell you some curriculum that comes away with the title of “The Gospel According to Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Lost, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Driving Miss Daisy” etc (btw: not knocking those books, I know some of those people who wrote them and they are great people, we just do not need to do that here).

So I have put together this PDF Download as a Conversation Sheet that you can use in conversations with your teens having not read the book or seen the movie.

I also put this in a PDF so as to give you an opportunity to not be over come with a spoiler.  (SPOILER ALERT – you’ve officially been warned)

[download id=”1″]


  1. Thanks for the conversation sheet Gavin. This will help me when I get into a conversation with any of the students.

  2. May I also recommend a resource out of Asbury Seminary’s Seedbed project?

    It addresses five themes from the Hunger games and is FREE.

    I work for Seedbed (full disclosure), but have seen it and it looks really good.

  3. Good call, Gavin. I created a month-long curriculum based on the themes of sacrifice and survival in the Hunger Games, but I wish I’d had yours to look at. I threw mine together pretty quickly because I actually wanted it to culminate in the group viewing the movie together.

    Nice work!

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