I want more texting during my lesson!

Students are going to text while you speak no matter what you say or how many texting spies you place in the audience. Why not use this evil distraction for good? That’s where Poll Everywhere comes in. It’s a really simple process. You don’t even have to sign up to try it out.

You put together a poll of some sort that you want to receive votes on, throw up the website on the screen. Now, your students not only get to vote on the poll via text, but they get to see the results update live as they come in!

In addition to straight polls you can create open ended questions with students’ answers appearing on the screen as they come in.

All of that is free for up to 40 respondants per poll! If you want to pay, you can get the ability to moderate responses (especially useful for the open ended questions), make custom keywords they use intead of numbers, and get more tech support options. Whatever you do, make sure you take a moment and check it out for yourself: Poll Everwhere.


Jeremy Steele has been working in youth ministry for the past fifteen years and now serves as the Next Generation Minister  at Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, AL.  He writes for Group Magazine, RETHINK Church and various publications and organizations.  You can find a link to all the places he contributes on his website at  JeremyWords.com.


  1. We feel the same way! We occassionally poll, but every week we encourage them to tweet with our ministry hash tag so we can find the tweets, see what stood out to them, & give them a shutout or a re-tweet. Re-tweeting has become a modern day love language. It’s great to get the students involved! As my husband Justin says, it should be a conversation, not a lecture.

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