Interlinc Offer to YWM members

InterlincSpecial Bonus for Youthworker Movement Members!
When you join Youth Leaders Only (Youth Ministry’s Original Music & Media Membership) — you’ll get 130 FREE Music Videos on DVD as a Special Bonus!  That means you’ll start your new “YLO” Membership with an extra 2 years worth of Free Music Videos and Companion Bible studies — and you can also look forward to also gettting: 40 albums of New Music (you choose CDs or downloads), 120 Bible studies, 40 chord charts, 4 theme-based ministry DVDs and another 60 New Music Videos and more in the membership over the next year!   
Call 1-800-725-3300 or check out this weblink provided.
(Make sure you choose the “Welcome to YLO” bonus from the drop down menu if you join online)
BTW: Not sure what the picture is of? Here’s some history, the rest of the work you’ll have to do on your own.

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