Interview with Brian McLaren

Brian McClaren on Youth MinistryI had the pleasure of interviewing Brian for his last book, Naked Spirituality: A Life With God In Twelve Simple Words, a conversation that led ultimately to a Youthworker Circuit curriculum for the same book and a ministry tool designed to help leaders discover the spiritual season where each of their youth finds themselves at the moment–it’s been a fascinating journey, to be sure.

I led a session with Brian for the youth program at the Wild Goose Festival in June and at some point during the festival he gave me a pre-release copy of his newest book, Why Did Jesus, Moses, The Buddha, & Mohammed Cross The Road?, which comes out today. The book centers on the need for listening both across the aisle and across the world, seeking for our faith to find common ground and celebrate differences in faith as we all learn from each other. The release date is intentional, marking the anniversary of an event on American soil that simultaneously sparked interfaith conversation for some and interfaith enmity for others. It’s a call to listen through our pain to the pure voices of other faiths.

YouTube restrictions forced us to break our interview into two segments; the first is here:

and the second:


I hope you enjoy the interview, and more than that I hope you’ll pick up a copy of another excellent read from Brian.


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