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Just a few months ago, I was rewarding youth who brought their “real, paper Bibles” to Bible study.  After all, we all know that United Methodist Youth carry and read and know their Bibles, right?  (Our own Charles Harrison used to always tell us that in Youth Ministry Certification classes anyway…)  

It’s taken some coaxing by my husband and my senior highers, but I’ve come to see the merits of the electronic Bible.  After all, youth really are carrying their Bibles around on their phones.  It’s easy to search for verses and to look up keywords on the e-Bible.  But I wonder how many youth who carry phones with Bible apps are really using the apps to study the Bible?  Have we taught them how?  If youth are on their phones and the internet anyway, why don’t we meet them there for Bible study and teach them to really use technology to learn God’s word?  

So that’s where I see Youth Disciple Online coming in to play.  You probably already are familiar with Disciple Bible Study which covers 80% or so of the Bible – Youth Disciple Online covers it in a way that works around the lifestyles and schedules of busy youth and youth workers.  Here’s information on the class from our partners at the Institute for Discipleship:

How to Become a Youth Disciple Online Facilitator — Self-paced training — $50

In this workshop, DISCIPLE Bible Study facilitators and youthworkers will learn how to facilitate this amazing, life-transforming walk through the Bible for YOUTH in an online format using one of the top educational online software packages available.

In August 2012, will be the host site for Youth Disciple Online which is a joint ministry of the Institute for Discipleship (IFD) and the Center for Youth Ministry Excellence (CYMX). It will be provided for $35 per youth (includes digital manual) and is designed to help high school students learn and love the scriptures. This interactive small group experience is a great way to walk through the Bible over the course of a school year together.

The training course is now being offered in a self-paced format to meet the demands for the training. Participants will move through the training materials at their own pace with pauses to interact with Lisa, the IFD Assistant Director. The cost is $50. The course will begin upon enrollment (evening enrollment will be processed the next working day). It will take approximately 6-8 hours to work through the materials. After training is complete, facilitators may use the Youth Disciple Online software materials to lead a group of participants through the 32-week study (also includes an introductory and a closing assignment.)

To register to become a facilitator or to learn more about Youth Disciple Online, please visit






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