Join Us @ NYWC for Youthworker Movement Seminars on Friday and Saturday!

The Youthworker Movement Team is so excited to be holding our first ever general membership meeting thanks to the generosity of Youth Specialties!  If you will be in Nashville at NYWC this weekend plan to join us once a day and still take advantage of all the other great stuff happening during all the other times of the convention.


Here is the plan:

Friday Nov. 22


Music City Center: Davidson Junior Ballroom A

Wesleyan Youth Ministry Essential- 7 minute seminars on practical youthwork.  We will move fast and then discuss and then start the next 7 minute round. Gain, share, create, connect.


Saturday Nov. 23


Music City Center: Davidson Junior Ballroom A

Connexion Through Empowered Leadership- Become a Coach, Blogger, Network Collaborator, Curriculum Writer, and/or Speaker for the Youthworker Movement.  We are looking for the next group of leaders in the Youthworker Movement.  Follow your passion as we work harder for connexion in each region.  We will help to rain and prepare you if you are interested.

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