Letter from Charles Harrison

Chaz-Publicity-150x150I am truly humbled and honored at the challenge of picking up the mantle of leadership at The Center for Youth Ministry Excellence and especially for helping in the grass-roots work of The Youthworker Movement.
I have spent most of the last 30+ days listening to many of our grassroots leaders and look forward to hearing directly from more our our 4,000+ members! In these conversations I have begun to discern some concrete actions that we can take over the next 36 months to strengthen and build sustainable Wesleyan Youth Ministries around
the globe.
We have the right leaders, we have the right tools, and we have passion for seeing the lives of Youth transformed by the person and work of Jesus. A founding idea of the Youthworker Movement was that our best resource was not something we could buy off of a web-site but instead our best resource is each other in our Connexion through the Holy Spirit.
Over the next few months you will see some small changes: weekly e-mails with content you can use, a web-site redesign, a redirection and meeting of Covenant members, local Youthworker Networks being strengthened in some areas and established for the first time in other areas, training resources, free curriculum, prayer partners, event discounts and connexions, direct access to staff on a weekly basis, affinity groups, area coaches, and much more. In 2011 look for 12 major launches of care and support systems for Youthworkers.
A Youthworker is a person who follows Jesus and works with adolescents. Some Youthworkers are paid full or part time staff members of churches. But, the vast majority of Youthworkers teach Sunday school, drive vans, make snack suppers, and parent their own Youth. When we talk about grassroots Youthwork we mean everybody, coaches, teachers, ministers, family members, who help Youth in their spiritual journeys. And we want to resource all of these good folks.
Through the wisdom and strategic thinking of The Foundation for Evangelism, we have had the venture capital to start this journey over the last 5 years. Under the great wisdom and leadership of my good friend Terry Carty we have built the foundation for future needs of Youthworkers. Now it is time to creatively live into that future with our
gifts, talents, and new financial resources as CYMX becomes a sustainable organization. We are actively seeking to join what God is doing in the world as we help to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We can do this best, together in partnership with other organizations who each have their own unique
contribution to the craft of Youth Ministry and in partnership with you.So I am asking you for 3 things today:

  1. Your Prayers– I believe the the basis of all that we do is our ability to see what God is doing in the world and then to join in. The best way to improve our vision is in prayer.
  2. Connect– with me, with other Youthworkers, on-line, in person, through social media, and over pizza. Connect with ALL the good folks doing Youthwork, one person at a time. Get to Know their names and learn their stories. Then help connect them to The Youthworker Movement. We are always better together.
  3. Donations and Names of Potential Donors– the reality is that it will not take much financial capital to merely sustain CYMX and The Youthworker Movement. If every active member made a simple yearly gift of $10-$95 we would make budget for the year. But, to truly fund Youth Ministry and support it in ways that we are being called to do, we need venture capital every year and we need large donations for our endowment fund. Each of us know at least 3-4 people whose lives and families have been transformed by Youthwork who would be a regular yearly donor of $100-$1,000. This seed money would then be used to fund Youth Ministry initiatives designed in a local context from he bottom up. A few of us know folks who could give one time gifts financially large enough to create new Youth Ministry opportunities. You can help by sharing with me personally the names and contact information for all of these potential financial supporters.
You are needed. We want to help you, to equip you, and to inspire you. We are “all
about the hearts and souls of Youthworkers” and we mean it!
Lets move forward, together.
Peace and Grace,
Charles W. Harrison
CEO & Executive Director

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