Letter from Terry Carty

Terry Carty | Senior Consultant | Youthworker MovementI remain dedicated to strengthening youth ministry and to equipping adults who are in ministry with young people. But recently I have had an increasing yearning to be back in local church ministry. With Gods help I will find balance serving as a pastor and continuing to be available to teach, speak and write about effective youth ministry.
I remember a couple of years ago during a layover in an airport Charles and I talked at length about how to pass on leadership of YWM when the time would come for me to go back to local church. We fully agreed on the goals of the Movement and also agreed that the future of any organization depends upon the ability of new leadership to carry on vision and passion for the work. Charles has both the vision and passion teamed with his energy, ability, and creativity. I feel that Charles Harrison is the right person to guide the YouthWorker Movement into its future.
Terry B. Carty
Senior Consultant CYMX

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