New Facebook Feature that Could Get You Fired

thumbs upWho in my company likes to ski?  Which of my friends like road trips?  These are the types of searches available to you in Facebook’s new Graph Search.  Basically, Graph search allows you to search all the public info that people have shared with Facebook.

The problem is that includes everything you’ve “liked” ever.  Likes are always public pieces of information, but until now they have been buried in a list on your profile page in microscopic font size.  Because of that fact, no one I know has ever gone through and managed this list.

Imagine, you weren’t the most perfect person in college (a couple years ago) and you liked a bunch of stuff like getting high, etc.  Now one of your kids searches for: “which of my friends likes getting high?”  He shows it to mom who prints it off and leaves it in your pastor’s box.  Boom.

The moral of the story is: manage your likes. To do this, log into facebook, click on your name, and then click likes on the main bar next to photos and friends.  Make sure to click “more” wherever it is shown and especially make sure to click show other pages.  If you need to remove one, simply click on it and then click unlike on the page it takes you to.

Graph search is being rolled out gradually which means that most people don’t have it yet, but don’t use that as an excuse.  GO MANAGE YOUR LIKES!

Jeremy Steele has been working in youth ministry for the past sixteen years and now serves as the Next Generation Minister at Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, AL. He writes for Group Magazine, RETHINK Church and various publications and organizations. You can find a link to all the places he contributes on his website at


  1. Jeremy, you’re absolutely right. Facebook “likes” are already wreaking havoc in ministry. I learned last week that a pastoral intern in our conference was informed by his committee that he would NOT be recommended for ordination. Why? Because he had “liked” a Facebook post from the son of a lesbian couple in Iowa who had testified in favor of marriage equality before the state legislature. Three members of his congregation were on his committee, and they basically told him to get out of the church! The young man is devastated, being in his last year of seminary with no way to proceed elsewhere. Heartbreaking.

  2. Knowing how public the internet is these days, I try to be careful with all correspondence on the net, not just facebook. Delicate conversations are kept face to face.

  3. Just for publishing your article, you’re on page 7 of a search for “likes getting high”. I have always managed my on-line life fairly well. I have also TIRELESSLY cautioned everyone I can, “Be careful of what information you put on-line. Everything you do or say WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU in the near future”. Nobody has any real information on me, except for what they already had (bank, satellite company, utilities, etc. ). I give no information to anybody unless I know why they need it.

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